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Reporting your sightings

Getting in touch and reporting data to us is simple: you can use our smartphone apps, social media, email or our online form that are all available below

Please tell us what, when and where you spotted the roadkill. We provide some tips on how to accurately determine your location below.

Smartphone Apps

If you are a smartphone user, you can report data using our "Project Splatter" mobile app for Android and iOS: These apps use the on board GPS to make it simple and easy to report and sightings with just a few taps.


Android APK: Project Splatter APK for Android Download (


Or try out our new app that is currently under development, built in collaboration with Animex.


Download and learn more at


Web form

To report on your computer you can use our online form, we just need the date, location and species you have seen. You can report sightings here.

Social Media

Alternatively, you can also simply submit a roadkill observation by getting in touch via social media.

Please include the species seen, location and the date of the observation.

Find your location

Need help working out where you are, or want to provide an acurate Grid Reference?

You can find all you need by using the website

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